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Prices :
We have indicated minimum and maximum prices to give an overall feeling for the quality and standard of the hotel. However we would strongly suggest you to check them again prior to your stay as they are subject to change without notice. They are listed in the hotel's local currency and mainly in Europe are inclusive of Service and VAT. In any case they should be regarded as basic charges for two persons sharing.

Choice of accommodation plan :
Throughout all hotels, one can find varying styles of furnishing, decor and ambience. On registration, the hotelier will be pleased to show you the facilities and a selection of bedrooms, from which to choose, occupancy permitting. According to the season, some hotels may be offering different packages including bed, breakfast and dinner, with an allowance towards the "A la Carte". Some hotels may insist dinner is included, whilst in small private Châteaux and Villas, a set "Table d'Hote" menu will be offered usually served at a pre agreed time. Please be sure to book these meals when making your reservation.

Deposit :
Often you will be requested to pay a deposit. Please do not be offended, this is perfectly legal and widely recognized. Remember, this will guarantee your reservation.

Smoking - Mobile Telephones :
This disturbs many people. Please be kind enough not to smoke cigars or pipes in restaurants and to switch-off your Mobile.

Pets :
Small-sized, house trained and well-behaved dogs of more than one year old are welcome in most hotels which may request a surcharge. However please confirm the hotel policy on animals when booking. Please keep all pets quiet and well looked after. Should they cause any damage we would urge you to settle these costs with the hotelier directly in preference to making a time-consuming insurance claim.

Credit Cards :
Generally accepted by all members. However when making your reservation or upon arrival, we would strongly recommend confirming with the establishment that payment can be made by credit cards. Depending on the countries, the regulations or changing policies, it may happen that your "plastic money" is refused.

Appreciations :
The entry for each establishment includes the person in charge who might be the owner, director or manager. Please do not hesitate to approach them if you have any difficulties or problems. It will be their pleasure and duty to help you in any way. If you consider that a problem has not been satisfactorily resolved we would like you to inform us. The double objective of our guide is to please and assist you. In order that we do so successfully it is essential that you advise us of your suggestions and constructive criticisms. Also we are always keen to be informed of particularly memorable and enjoyable visits to establishments in this guide.

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