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“ The elegant Venice Lido hotel is a haven of peace and quiet
only a few minutes by Vaporetto from the heart of Venice. ”

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View of St Marks Square Venezia from from the car ferry going to Venice Lido
~ View of San Marco en route to the Lido from the car ferry ~

Hotel Albergo Quattro Fontane
4 Star Hotel in Venice Lido
Residenza d' Epoca - Historical Place - Demeure Historique
“C'è tutta una vita in questo hotel, quasi una casa privata, dove da oltre 60 anni due
sorelle raccolgono ricordi di viaggio e mobili pregiati; ampio, rigoglioso giardino.
D'estate il servizio ristorante si svolge all'ombra di un enorme platano.” (Michelin Guide)

Via Quattro Fontane, 16
30126 Lido di Venezia, Italy
Email: QuattroFontaneILA@ila-chateau.com

Location Map for Venice Lido hotel Rome 528 km • Bologna 152 km
Milan 267 km • Salzburg 400 km
15 minutes from Piazza San Marco by “Vaporetto”
Splendid beach 5 minutes walk away

Year Round Car access by Ferry (35 mins)
from Piazzale Roma (Tronchetto).

Owners: Famille Friborg-Bevilacqua
Number of Rooms / Suites: 59 / -
Rates: from 200 €
Restaurant: indoor and outdoor, closed on wednesday
Private dining room: up to 30 guests
Meeting room: up to 40 people
Entirely air conditioned
Season Opening: 16 April - 03 November

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Hotel Albergo Quattro Fontane garden

English text for the hotel

Set in a large flowered garden, the Albergo Quattro Fontane contains charmingly furnished rooms with many antiques providing a relaxed atmosphere. All rooms are air-conditioned. For those who adore Venice but hate the crowds.

Photo of Guest Room Directions:
BY CAR: At the end of the bridge that leads to Venice there is a road sign which tells you "Tronchetto ferry-boat per il Lido". The ferry leaves every 50 minutes and the trip takes 35 minutes.
FROM THE RAILWAY STATION: The number 52 gets to the Lido very quickly (in 35 minutes); if you prefer a rather slower trip, the number 1 takes you along the fascinating Grand Canal route.
FROM THE MARCO POLO AIRPORT: A boat, in connection with the flights, takes 40 minutes.

Whip Through St Marks Square and Discover the Real Venice

From the very moment one spots the water of the Adriatic Sea from the windows of the comfortable Italian rail train from Florence, as it travels across the causeway joining the mainland of Italy and the islands of Venice, there's excitement in the air. Only those who have discovered the magic of this, the oldest and the best canal development in the world can fully appreciate what this city is all about.

It's a city which allows the visitor to easily become lost, yet so easy to relocate oneself after the thrill of finding a way out of the maze of footpaths, canals and those hundreds of narrow cracks between buildings which the Venetians actually use as laneways.

St Marks Square of course is the initial drawcard, not only for oneself, but for the several thousand other travellers who have somehow got the urge to visit at the very same time. It can be a little off-putting for first timers - but relax, it doesn't get any better in the square, however, a few paces in any direction out of the square, and there it is ... the real Venice.

It can be an idea to take coffee and cakes, or a meal in one of the back streets of Venice, as the closer one is to St Mark's Square, so the prices escalate. Be a devil, though, and be prepared to get ripped off and have a coffee right on the square. One of the popular spots is Florians, where one sits around the walls of supposed intimate tearooms, sipping coffee or tea ... and then along comes the bill. Be prepared for it, as it also includes a surcharge for the music from a live Viennese orchestra which plays outside in the square.

As noisy as Venice may be, as busy as the streets are, it is a tremendously exciting place to be in. Venice has a special beauty, it is magical, and its shopping opportunities are so enticing.

Photo of Venice Lido hotel room

Photo of Venice Lido hotel room

Photo of Venice hotel reception

General view of the beach on the Venice Lido
~ General view of the beach on the Lido ~

Italian text for the hotel

Questo non è un albergo. E' una casa di campagna tra il verde, a pochi minuti dalle pietre di Venezia.

Nella grande casa ogni luogo (dalle sale alle stanze ai quieti studioli) è creato Photo of hotel Garden perchè l'ospite possa vivere le sue giornate in una atmosfera di raffinata grazia.

In questo ristorante troverete una cucina accurata con piatti anche regionali che può rendere ancora più piacevoli riunioni tra amici. A mezzogiorno all'ombra dell'antico platano. Di sera, tra fiori ed erbe, al lume di candela. In primavera o a fine stagione nella sala davanti al fuoco del grande camino cinquecentesco.

IN AUTO: Alla fine del ponte che conduce a Venezia trovate un cartello "Tronchetto ferry-boat per il Lido". Il traghetto parte ogni 50 minuti. ed il viaggio dura 35 minuti.
DALLA STAZIONE FERROVIARIA: Ogni 10 minuti parte un battello, il no 52 che raggiunge il Lido velocemente (35 minuti), o il no 1 se preferite una più lenta affascinante, traversata sul Canal Grande.
DALL'AEROPORTO MARCO POLO: Un battello in coincidenza con i voli percorre il tragitto lagunare in 40 minuti.

Photo of Venice Carnival
Picture of the Carnival of Venice
Courtesy of Irmingard Anna Kotelev - www.aurumxxl.com

French text for the hotel

Près de la plage, dans un beau jardin fleuri, une grande auberge romantique et secrète. Des chambres délicieusement décorées de beaux meubles d'époque, loin du bruit, des folies et des foules. Et face à vous, majestueuse, noble et superbe, Venise, pour vous plaire.

Photo of Venice Floating Market
~ Floating market inside Venice ~

German text for the hotel

Am Lido, nur wenige Minuten von Venedig entfernt, liegt inmitten herrlicher Blumengärten die Auberge Quattro Fontane versteckt. Hier können Sie sich in freundlich-eleganter Atmosphäre dem Trubel entziehen. (Klimaanlage).

Photo of Venice near the hotel

Japanese text for this Venice Lido hotel japanese 1

japanese 1

japanese 1

japanese 1

View of a part of the ground floor lounge
~ View of a part of the ground floor lounge ~

Piazza San Marco by Renoir in 1881
~ Piazza San Marco by Renoir in 1881 ~

View of the Grand Canal
~ View of the Grand Canal ~

Concierge Massimo and his assistant
~ Concierge Massimo and his assistant ~

Aerial Plan
~ Aerial Plan ~

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