~ Gorilla Watching Hotel in the Congo (Zaire) ~

“ The friendly Orchids Safari Club offers the finest gorilla watching in
Central Africa from its base on the banks of Lake Kivu near the Kahuzi-Biega
National Park in the Congo Democratic Republic ( formerly Zaire ) ”
Aerial photo of lake-side Orchids Safari Club hotel
Hôtel idéal, en surplomb du lac Kivu et séjour inoubliable...
(Le Petit Futé) www.petitfute.com

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Orchids' Safari Club
Bukavu, Lake Kivu
Congo Democratic Republic (formerly Zaire)
Email: OrchidsILA@ila-chateau.com

Bujumbura (Burundi) International Airport 120 km
Goma 140 km • Kigali (Rwanda) International Airport 300 km

Owners: Marc Moreau (Founder) & Associate Partners
Number of Rooms / Suites: 22 / 2
Rates: from US$110
Sorry, we have no facilities to accept Credit Cards
Restaurant: menus
Open all year round

Photo of Gorilla
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General view of Bukavu by lake Kivu
~ General view of Bukavu quietly set along lake Kivu ~

Photo of the hotel restaurant and dining room
~ The Dining Room ~

Hotel English text link to Petit Fute Set in a flamboyant garden, the friendly Orchids' Safari Club waterside hotel has the most spectacular views over the Lake Kivu. This is the starting point for an exciting safari : rafting on the Luhoho river, visiting a tea plantation or trekking through the dense rain forest of Kahuzi-Biega in search of lowland gorillas who despite their formidable strength are gentle and rare patriarchs. To spend a little moment (maximum an hour by local rule) with one of nature's great endangered species and also one of our closest relatives is definitely .....The experience of a lifetime !

"I got down on my hands and knees and pretended to be a gorilla"

In a land of beauty, wonder and danger, the scientist Dian Fossey was the first person to have been documented interacting with families of gorillas. She came first in Zaire (now DRC) in 1967 to study the vanishing mountain gorillas but soon moved to Rwanda where she lived for almost 18 years among them, gaining their complete trust. After one of her favourite gorillas was killed, she started a media campaign against gorilla poaching before being murdered herself the day after Xmas 1985 at the age of 53 by poachers in Rwanda's Virunga Mountains. Her book "Gorillas in the Mist" earned her so much acclaim that it was eventually turned into a movie of the same name (1988), starring Sigourney Weaver as Fossey (the film was nominated for 5 Oscars).

Gorilla tourism depends primarily on the conservation of these magnificent animals. There are only about 650 left in the wild jungles of the National Park bordering Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some rules have been developed to protect them and the mountain rangers will brief you adequately. Binoculars are highly recommended but flash photography is strictly forbidden when tracking the gorillas.

Photo of the hotel bedroom

Photo of the guest bedroom


Vous êtes-vous déjà assis à côté d'un gorille ?

Texte Francais Une expérience inoubliable face à ces géants respectables pour lesquels vous resterez toujours un « invité » ... à la seule condition que les « présentations » préliminaires aient été respectées. Sage précaution !

Dian Fossey avait su, en son temps, comprendre les moeurs de ces rares survivants pour vivre à leurs côtés pendant 18 ans. Mais en ce qui vous concerne, il ne vous sera accordé qu'une heure, une heure seulement auprès d'eux, afin de ne pas les stresser inutilement.

Quant à l'Afrique, celle de vos rêves, celle restée vierge, elle est toute à Vous au départ de cet excellent hôtel magnifiquement situé en surplomb du lac Kivu.

View of Lake Kivu

Safari hotel German text Haben Sie schon einmal einen Gorilla aus nächster Nähe gesehen ? ILA macht es möglich, denn auch der Gorilla gehört jetzt mit zu ILA ! Ein Gefühl der Sensation wird Sie überkommen und welch unvergessliches Erlebnis, das Ihnen im ORCHID'S geboten wird. Dian Fossey hat hier die Sitten dieser respektablen Riesen 18 Jahre studiert. Aber Sie können nur 1 Stunde in ihrer Nähe bleiben, sofern Sie als Gast entsprechend “vorgestellt” worden sind, denn sie vertragen keinen Stress.
Ausflüge und Safaris in die nähere Umgebung bietet das Hotel, in dem Sie einen einmalig herzlichen Empfang finden, an. ORCHID'S liegt in wunderschöner Landschaft über den Höhen des Sees Kivu.

Photo of the hotel lounge
~ The lounge with an extensive view onto the garden and the lake Kivu ~

View of the hotel garden going onto lake Kivu
~ View of the hotel garden going onto lake Kivu ~

Photo of the hotel heli-pad area near the lake

Tea fields to visit in M'Bayo 40km from the hotel
~ Tea fields to visit in M'Bayo (40km from Orchids' Hotel) ~

Orchids' partner Michel Defays introducing his tea plantation in M'Bayo
~ Orchids' partner Michel Defays introducing his tea plantation in M'Bayo ~

Photo of male eastern lowland gorilla
~ A male eastern lowland gorilla in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park ~

Photo of Bukavu city
~ View of Bukavu city ~

Seaplane at Orchids Safari Club hotel

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Map of Congo / Zaire

Hotel Bukavu Location Map

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