Our Philosophy

We are ALL EARS to your requirements

We are all ears to your requirements and are committed to ensuring your total contentment. In the unlikely event of this not happening, please let us know and we will take all necessary steps towards obtaining compensation from the hotelier.

Complete satisfaction is our credo

ILA (International Lodging Association) is a referral-marketing organisation of small, meticulously-run hotels, regularly inspected and aspiring to provide the finest stay for discerning travellers. To join our Group, Members must offer not only well-priced accommodation, outstanding ambience and consistently excellent quality, but also friendly service with a smile and charm. Whether they are stately town- or country-houses, privately-owned Châteaux accepting paying guests, safari organisers, rural auberges or exclusive boutique hotels, all of them strive to offer an unique and memorable experience of another way of life. Such a hotel Association becomes a real gift from the Gods.

ILA travels extensively and anonymously to discover those hotels that meet our stringent requirements. We do not receive gratuities from these establishments during our inspections - we just select and recommend the hotels we love and where we would like to stay ourselves.

ILA-Châteaux & Hôtels de Charme is not a simple listing of hotels or a "bargain site", nor an Internet web site developer, but an organisation with accomplished hotelier and restaurateur experience for more than thirty years.

Staying and eating in style is really our true leitmotiv.

Remember that we appreciate and select hoteliers receiving guests as guests, and not as customers. We put a lot of emphasis on the warmth and hospitality offered by our Members, and it is this attitude which distinguishes them from those who run hotels simply as a business.

Richard C.Cabouret

And here is the ultimate profile of our Members: How to be a Good Hotelier

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